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Silvr Linings

Black Sunrise is a company dedicated to creating tools that allow the whole family to protect their natural hair. We not only intend to do this in a manner that makes your hair journey easier to manage with your lifestyle. But we aim to also do it in a way that is fashionable and allows our customers to embrace their own creative style. 


In order to achieve this, health always comes first in our agenda. All of our products from headbands to caps are lined with satin to help maintain moisture and reduce unnecessary shedding and breakages. Black Sunrise is about creating products for individuals in the market who are often overlooked. Our aim is to provide what people really need, in order to support the hair journey that they want. 

Satin is a decadent man-made fabric, created from silk or finely woven polyester. Light in weight, it has no fillers such as nylon and/or acetone and is very easy to wash. We at Black Sunrise always suggest washing in low temperatures.


The high-sheen fabric can do wonders for your hair. Satin materials prevent the catching of hair with fabrics normally associated with head wear, this reduction in friction can reduces split ends and limit breakage. The smooth interaction with your hair will work towards eliminating "hat-hair" and prevent unnecessary thinning by accidental snagging.

The indisputable secret behind healthy hair is maintaining adequate levels of moisture in your hair. Unlike cotton, wool and other common materials, satin minimises the levels of moisture absorbed.  Satin lets you to set and then continue to maintain the levels of moisture in your hair.


This is why our satin lined products pairs so perfectly with those looking to protect and nourish their hair. 

We at Black Sunrise want to be there to help you keep your hair looking the way it was intended. From when you leave your home until you arrive at your destination.