Black Sunrise was created  for those that felt often overlooked by mainstream designers. For those on their own natural hair journey looking for tools to provide a helping hand. And below you'd find others stories on why their hair is so important to them.


London Teacher and Self-Proclaimed "Lazy Natural"

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Grey Beanie


As a person with very short hair, I find myself having to keep my hair and scalp moisturised often. It seems that the moisture evaporates faster with shorter cuts, especially in the winter. And unfortunately, no one told me this before I went and cut all of my hair off. So now I spend quite a lot of money on moisturisers.

Having a satin lined hat means I am no longer carrying my moisturiser around in my bag... well not feeling bad for not carrying my moisturiser around in my bag! My hair maintains its bouncy shine throughout the day, my waves remain defined and I’m not constantly brushing my hair. Whereas with wool or cotton hats my waves lose shape and definition and tiny strands of hair are constantly getting stuck in my hat. 



Curly redhead teaching in the Caribbean

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Midnight Half-Full Baseball Cap


It's favourite accessory that’s cute, protects my scalp from the Caribbean sun and doesn’t dry out my curls.

I started my healthy hair journey about 2 years ago. Growing up I never liked my red hair and hated my curls even more. A mixture of endless heat and bleach left me with dry, damaged and practically no curl pattern. However, coming to Martinique changed the way I looked at my hair. Seeing all the different kinks, curls & coils made me want to embrace my own hair. 

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GB Olympic Athlete & Boss of many egos

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Midnight Half-Full Baseball Cap​ & Headbands


As someone who changes their look extremely regularly, (like week to week you don’t know
who you going to get) my requirements for my hair and the maintenance it involves really
changes depending on the style I am rocking.
Being an athlete that sprints in the summer and bobsleighs in the winter, my training schedule is
pretty brutal and means my hair is often subject to extreme weather conditions over a short
period of time.
Having a satin lined hat ensures that whatever the weather, -26 degrees of snow or 33 degrees
and wind, my hair is protected whatever style I’m rocking.
Changes in style also mean different needs for that style. Sometimes its a curly fro other times
its straight with a bit of a wave and the satin lined cap allows me to protect the hairstyle I have
without neglecting my own hair underneath. Having to wear training kit everyday as my work attire
can also get a bit boring, so the stylish design also provides me the fashionable style I want to
keep while I’m in athletics gear.

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Dominicana Living in England

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Cream Bobble


"It takes care of my curls"

"I Can be Stylish and I can look great without messing up my curls!!"

Spanish Speaker?

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